Consign At Next Gen

We Would Greatly Appreciate It, If You Can Please Call Before any non appointment drop offs, to make sure we have room in the day.

                                                                        - NextGen Staff

We are excited to have you join the family of Consignors who make money at NextGen Exchange by Consigning their great condition items. Below is more specific info on Consigning....

10 Things You Need To Know About Consigning with NextGen!

We Stick to these rules because we try to be fair to everyone, we have over 3900 consignors in our system, and the way we treat one, we treat all! We are a family and we appreciate everyone of you equally!

1. Please schedule all your clothing drop offs on-line or even call us to assist you, you can make appointments a year out. There is a 40 piece clothing limit for each drop off and 20 piece non-clothing limit per month.  

2. Clothes MUST BE freshly laundered. We are no longer accepting any clothing in garbage bags, shopping bags or any other bags of any size. ALL Drop Off Items like clothing, shoes, handbags, etc. (excluding large items) MUST come in a tote, box or basket with lid. They will then be transferred into our own bins at the time of the appt.

3. Prior to your drop off please go through all your items to ensure there are no flaws and meet all guidelines. If an item has a stain, hole, smoke or pet smell or any other flaw after an item has been dropped off it will automatically be donated without notification. All items must come in folded with all sets placed together. All non-clothing for example toys, baby gear, etc. must come in wiped down and clean plus have all pieces (preferably all together in a bag), functioning batteries if required and in a sales floor ready condition. We can only accept high quality items and in ready-to-wear condition, plus in current season, & considered fashionable based on Next Gen’s Customers wants and needs and meets all current safety regulations. 

4. Prices will be determined by NextGen to best sell your items. NextGen reserves the right to mark down merchandise at any time for promotional purposes.

5. Your Consigned items will remain in our possession for a period of 70 days once placed on the floor. Items are not to be taken off the floor by owner at any time of that duration. ( The reason for this is we have put many employees hours and supplies into putting the items out for sale, we all need to be patient as your items find there new home)  Items not sold after 70 days will become property of NextGen and will be distributed/donated at our discretion.

Consignors can arrange to pick up items priced above $50 only by notifying us within 15 days of the end of the 70-day period and by picking them up within 7 days of expiration date due to our limited storage space. You can track when your items expire via your online account access. 

6. Consignors will receive payment equal to 40% of the selling price of up to $100 and 50% of the selling price over $100 on all items sold within the 70-day consignment period.

7. There is only a $1.25 a month account maintenance charge that is charged only when you have active items in your account.

8. Consignors may request a check (once a month) in person or over the phone or venmo payment thru email, provided your balance is at least $25, you are able to request up to $300 at each payout. If more is in the account please ask to be written on the next 2 months so you don't have to worry about calling again. The cut off for the monthly payout, is 7 days before the 15th, giving the owner time to write out the checks and Venmo. Consignors may also choose to use their account balance as store credit for purchases as it becomes available. Checks expire after 90 days of them being written. No rewrites once check is signed out of the store. All credits are good for a one year period.

9. CHECK FOR RECALS. Please be sure to verify an item has not been recalled. Here is a great resource to check on recall items…

10. WE CANNOT ACCEPT: Car Seats; Bedding; Stuffed Animals; All Used: Potty Seats,Diaper Pales Undergarments, Baby Bottles, Pacifiers or any other teething toys; Large Pieces of Furniture; Housewear Items; Items with Names (personalized) on them; Any lower end brands such as WalMart, Kmart or closed Retailer; ladies swimsuit & under garments; designer knockoffs

Please note: If your account goes dormant for 1 calendar year, the consignor balance becomes available only in store credit. If the consignor account goes dormant for 2 years it will be closed and store credit funds will be acquired by the store.

Thank you all so much for all you do we appreciate each and everyone one of you! Have a Blessed Day!

Link To Our Consignment Agreement

 Seasonal Drop Off Schedule

Spring Items:  January 15 to March 15

Summer Items:  March 15 to June 15

Fall Items:  July 15 to August 15

Winter Items:  September 15 to December 15

Holiday Items We Start Accepting:

Halloween: August 1 to Sept 15

Christmas: October 1 to December 1

School Backpacks: July 1 to August 1

 All Other Holiday Drop Offs Begin 60 days Prior to Holiday

All Holiday Items Automatically Expire 5 Days After Holiday